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Edward J. Rossario, MD


Medical Director

Anjan Shah, MD

Tampa Florida, Orthopaedic Trauma Surgeon

Thank you Steve and Ex-Press-Fix !!! Having put on countless number of external fixators, often with significant wounds, I can attest that the struggle is real. I am impressed that you took those experiences and relentlessly pursued a truly promising solution.

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Bill Stanton, MD

Vero Beach Florida, Orthopaedic Surgeon

Thank you for the opportunity to find out about this great product. The concept is outstanding. The product should definitely make the post-op course for external fixator patients much more manageable. I'll be excited to see results as they come in. Any orthopaedic surgeon who manages external fixators should be excited about your well thought out system to address pin site care. Your points about the painful, time consuming current process is right on the mark.

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