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How It All Began

The Ex-Press-Fix Story

It all began one day while rounding in the hospital as I was performing the arduous task of post operative external fixator care. This was just one of the many times that I have done this and I thought to myself "there has to be a better way". The idea suddenly came to me as I was in my car in the hospital parking lot and I began doodling on a napkin. The rest is history and Ex-Press-Fix was born.


Stephen M. Sanders, Jr., RPA-C


Stephen M. Sanders, Jr.

President,  CEO

 Our Team

We are a dedicated team with a need to help people by applying our innovative spirit. By doing so we continually strive to provide solutions intended to alleviate the potential traumatic experiences that a patient may endure. Through the utilization of our expertise and altruistic nature, our team shall continue to move forward and serve those in need.


Edward J. Rossario, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Rossario is a Board Certified orthopaedic surgeon that has been in professional clinical practice for over 18 years.

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Bio Pending

John Jones

Chief Operations Officer

Dr. Jones, MD

Orthopaedic Trauma Director

Upper Extremity Trauma

Dr. Johnson, MD

Orthopaedic Trauma Director

Pelvic and Lower Extremity Trauma


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