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Product Attributes

-Problem Solving With Precision

The device couples to a customized and precise fitting wound dressing that in essence allows for a compressive seal around the surgical pin site in question. This creates a closed wound dressing environment while also acting a surgical pin stabilizer. Because of these properties surgical pin site drainage and the potential for pin micro-motion is significantly minimized.

-Surgical Pin Stabilization

Certain geometric properties of the device, such as having a wide base as a wound dressing housing, were designed with specific intentions. These properties allow the device to provide surgical pin stabilization by preventing circumferential and lateral surgical pin motion. In addition, the overall stability of any surgical pin stabilizer construct (external fixator or halo) is directly proportional to the amount of Ex-Press-Fix devices that are simultaneously utilized.

-Customization Allows for Variability

Ex-Press-Fix is able to accommodate various surgical pin and wound dressing sizes. Therefore, through customization it is possible to choose the correct size of the medical device system for any specific scenario where surgical pin fixation is warranted.

-Working Distance Tolerance

The working distance tolerance for this medical device system refers to the ability to use two or more devices simultaneously while they are in close proximity to one another. The limiting factors to allow this are: the proximity that two adjacent surgical pins are to one another and the dimensions and geometry of the device's wound dressing housing. In the event that a scenario arises where the surgical pins are close together, Ex-Press-Fix is available in multiple pin models. In other words, one single Ex-Press-Fix device will be capable of accommodating multiple surgical pins simultaneously.

-Variable Wound Compression

Ex-Press-Fix allows the user to utilize variable wound compression. The pin site compression itself is directly related to the amount of downward pressure that is applied by the user. After the desired compressive force is achieved, the device can be secured by tightening the stabilizing set screw.



-Wound-Vac Compatibility

If a situation arises where there is copious drainage that is refractory to the variable wound compression provided by the device, then a wound vac can be utilized and connected directly to the device. Furthermore, patient's with certain skin conditions may benefit from the utilization of less variable compression.

-Patient Reusability

Ex-Press-Fix can be re-used for any one patient and only the wound dressings would have to be changed. For the prevention of infectious disease it is not recommended for the device to be re-used on another patient unless approved sterilization processes are implemented.

-Medical Sterilization Compatibility

Because Ex-Press-Fix is made from a high grade medical plastic, it is compatible with conventional medical sterilization processes. In fact this could allow for in hospital multi-patient usage for any single Ex-Press-Fix device.

-Low Profile

To accommodate the use of the device with the multitude of external fixation devices that are on the market today, Ex-Press-Fix has a low vertical and horizontal profile. This ensures that it will not interfere with the surgical pin stabilizing construct that it is being used with.


The translucent properties of the device's high grade medical plastic allows for direct visualization of the wound dressing and associated drainage at the surgical pin site. Therefore, any purulent infectious drainage can be quickly and easily identified.

-Cost Effectiveness

  • low manufacturing costs

  • single outpatient and potential single inpatient reusability

  • decreases the need for costly medical supplies

  • labor intensive application of the traditional wound dressing materials the "old process" is eradicated

  • decreased in hospital length of stay following admission

  • decreased need for home health following hospital discharge

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