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What Problems Does It Solve ?

“Pin-tract infection is the major complication of external fixation and it can decrease the stability of the bone-pin interface.”


Journal of Medicine in the Tropics (2011 ) 13:2:



Ex-Press-Fix Addresses Patient's 

Comorbidities and the Deleterious Effects of the “Old Process”


Due to the circumferential nature of the compressive wound dressing process used during the traditional method of external fixation pin site care, the risk of a "tourniquet type syndrome" could occur. In this syndrome: numbness, paresthesias , increased swelling, decreased limb perfusion, skin breakdown and ulcer formation are potential deleterious effects of the "old process".



-Peripheral Vascular Disease          



-Lymph Edema    


-Peripheral Neuropathy 


The Old Process

The New Process

EPF_Style Frame_5_gen2.jpg


-Compressive  Venous Stasis


-Peripheral Vascular Compromise          

-Diabetic Skin Manifestations / Infection        

-Excessive Pin Site  Drainage / Bleeding        

-Extremity  Edema       

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