What Is Ex-Press-Fix ?

Ex-Press-Fix is a medical device system that consists of two main integral parts: the device and the customized wound dressing.  This system was designed to be used with all devices that utilize surgical pins such as external fixators and halos. Surgical pins are often used in humans (Ortho-X-Fix) as well as within the veterinary community (Vet-X-Fix). Functionally it provides pin stabilization, at the skin pin interface,  along with a closed compressive wound dressing environment. The peripheral ring (blue) of the wound dressing extends beyond the overall cross section diameter of the wound dressing body. This innovative design allows for the wound dressing housing to avoid skin contact as vertical compression is applied toward the surgical pin site.

The System

The Device: Disengaged

Compression Nut

Pin Stem

Wound Vac Port

Wound Dressing Housing

The Wound Dressing

Top View

Bottom view

Drainage Bevel

Central Pin Hole

Central Slit

Peripheral Ring


The Device: Engaged

The Ex-Press-Fix System can be Customized to Accommodate Various Pin Sizes

Product Attributes
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Customized Wound Dressings

Accommodates Angulated Pins