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For Veterinary Use Only

variable vertical compression - closed wound dressing environment - surgical pin stabilization - wound vac capability

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decrease pin site drainage - decrease pin site infections - easy use - alleviate bulky wound dressing issues


Our pets are considered family and the unfortunate traumatic injuries they sustain should always be taken seriously and with the utmost care and compassion. The use of external fixators, within the animal community, have the same complications as when these devices are used in humans.  Pin site infections rank number one among the long list of potential complications with external fixation use. Consider Vet-X-Fix when utilizing external fixators on your orthopaedic patients.

Vet-X-Fix Benefits

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Clean Protected Pin Site

The sterile closed wound dressing environment allows for a suitable protected environment for the surgical pin sites. The variable vertical compression will also act to prevent excess bleeding.

Wound Dressing Biting

For pets, conventional wound dressings can be a nuisance not to mention ineffective. Animals will often bite and or remove their wound dressings. The locking mechanism will ensure a secure wound dressing site.

Easy Wound Care

The easy use of Ex-Press-Fix will allow quick and proper wound care even for the most finicky pet. Bulky ineffective wound dressings will become a thing of the past. Daily wound inspection is easy.

Pin Stability

The way Ex-Press-Fix tightly secures to the surgical pin while providing a wide base close to the patient's skin, help prevent pin micromotion and loosening.

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